Creativescaping: Four Season Garden Design
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Softscaping refers to the main items that we often think of when discussing landscaping: the graceful plants that brighten our view. Softscape in a landscape encompasses every tree, flower, shrub, foliage plant, or ground cover that might be included to add beauty, color, or texture.     Oftentimes, softscape is added to help soften the hard lines of hardscape, so that each element of the landscape design flows smoothly and effortlessly into the other.   Numerous things can be incorporated into a softscape, including plants, trees, shrubs, vines, and groundcovers. Some items may be fixed, as in the case of evergreen trees and shrubs which remain consistent year round, while others are temporary, like annual plants installed along pathways to add color in the summer, or bulbs which only bloom for a few months of the year before dying back.
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